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This Universe is a shapeable Universe, it responds to our thoughts, imaginations and emotion. We, 'the subject,' are a powerful creative center, the mental energy that emanets from our thoughts and emotions creates the physical reality that we desire. We are the creator of our own reality..

We are the self expression of our subconscious mind. We are a cluster of energy, so is everything else. The energy cluster that is constantly in motion, moving and changing to form new configuration and intelligently maintaining its form. This is the consciosness that keeps the energy in that particular form.

Consciousness is the mind, the mind is reality, this mind is the creator. This Universe is the collective consciousness of its people. By learning how to guide and focus our thought patterns we all can become an effective co-creator and live successfully with the matter and events of our outer physical world. We all participate in creating the exterior world that we live and this is essential for our growth. The better our abilities at creating reality, the better we are at solving problems, creating abundance and able to live in perfect harmony with this Universe. There is nothing paranormal in this Universe except our limited understanding of the Universe around us...

Psycophysics views all matters including human body as a bio-electro magnectic that vibrates in waves with specific oscillation frequencies. Electro- myograth, a devise that measures electrical activities of muscles, was discovered by Dr. Hunt. The science of Kirlian Photography is designed to detect human body's electro-magnetic field also known as human Aura. This devise is able to detect minute electrical, magnetic and optical changes in an object's environment. The color of human aura enable scientist to analyse a person's current physical, mental and emotional health.

The cosmo has certain forms of wave energy and all living things have their own unique wave energy. When this wave rythm is damaged by various factors of environment, polutions, stress and worries, the cells of our body sends out signals called disease. Human brain emitts certain electro-magnetic impulse, the brain waves alfa, beta, theta and delta waves. Human brain has two main parts the pelio cortex, which controls vital body fuctions and the neo cortex, which control thinking and cognition.

Mind and body are two parts of our being, one physical the other non physical, and they are completely dependent on each other. All illness are psychosomatic because we are not just body but mind and body.

Hippocrates (father of the modern medicine) said that everyone is a doctor within. However, our bodys ability to fuction at its optimum has been suppressed by various environmental factors, pollution, strain and stress of everyday life. We are constantly being exposed to pollutants, virus and bacteria and electromagnetic radiation. While there are inumerable new disease on the rise today, and with all these modern medical marvels, yet the answer can be found within the subconcious self. Self healing begins when mind, body and spirit regains balance with each other. Healing is a process of bringing together all parts of our being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, in the symphony of life creating wholesome.

Human being has the natural abilities to heal itself. Good health is a state of mind, a state of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical balance. Human brain has the ability to manifest healing naturally. All we need to do is learn how to control our mind and unleash this ability that we were all born with. Overwhelming scientific evidence has proven it that human mind is the most potent tool in our quest for healing the body and soul.

Psychotherapy, a form of alternative practice that help eliminate traumatic experience, underlying causes of anxiety and fear from within deep subconscious. Reframing and affirmation is the methods of chanting our mind's perceptions into a perception that positively benifit the current reality. It allows one to overcome emotional blockages and hindering spirit and leads one toward the pathway of health and wellness...


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Did you ever think why we getting sick and even die?
Of all of the "fears" of humans, the three that must rank at or
near the top are "death", "aging" and "health".
We have discussed the change known as "death" many time before, and
doubtless will do so again, so we will not discuss this in depth now.
But what of those perpetual fears of "aging" and " ill health"?
The truth is that people only "age" because they "think" they must
"age", and people only become unhealthy due to "unhealthy thoughts".
As I have said time and again and will continue to say - there is
only one fundamental Principle in this entire Universe - Mind,
which, in our physical human form we experience in three spheres of
activity - Conscious, Subconscious and Universal.

People are programmed from a very young age that as they must grow
"old", teeth fall out, hair falls out in the case of men, and become gray in
color, skin wrinkles, and then as they "retire" from the "work" say after 50
years of "labor", they must be put out to pasture, become "senile" and live
out their days as a burden to family and society until the welcome release of
"death" finally puts them out of their "misery".
This makes humans little more than beasts of burden, "working" only for food
shelter and clothes that they must work more, while tolerating the effects of "age"
and "ill health" that often arises from this way of "living".

The truth is that God, The Source, The First Cause has no concept of 'death' and
"decay" only "Life" and "Growth" as well as infinite abundance  all for the asking and realization.

All "death" and "decay" as well as "ill-health" that are experienced,have all been impressed upon
and brought in to reality by the Subconscious Mind.

Consider this fact which is widely accepted by science:

Our human body is totally and completely rebuilt every few years -every single cell
is replaced. Every few years therefore we have a brand new body. Some parts are
replaced continuously, some may take days or weeks, others years, but after a few
years our body is not the one we lived in a few years previously.

So how then do people retain diseases for years and grow "old".

The reason is very simple - because the same unhealthy thoughts and focus on the
same ailment have been impressed upon the Subconscious Mind since the disease
first manifested, and the Subconscious Mind is simply faithfully reproducing that model
as part of the "blueprint" the Subconscious Mind is using to build and maintain the body.

If someone experiences "cancer" for example, which might have
originated from stress or other Energetic influence, they think
about their "disease" constantly, go to the "doctors", undergo
"chemotherapy" etc. if necessary - all actions that reinforce the
reality of the cancer upon the Subconscious Mind of the afflicted
person. So when the part of the body with the cancer is rebuilt by
the Subconscious Mind as part of its ongoing task, using the
blueprint the person has provided, the Subconscious Mind faithfully
builds back the cancer that the person continues to "believe"
they have in to their body, and thus their disease become

The only difference between "age" and "eternal youth" is that the
latter always knows that they are part of God and looks forward to
something better, while the former believes that they are under the
"control" of external forces and dwells upon their "lost" youth
while waiting for "age" to take its toll. In both cases these
expectations are impressed upon the Subconscious Mind, and
faithfully brought to pass, in accordance with the Thought Forms
impressed upon the Subconscious Mind which it uses as its blueprint.

One of the most feared of all diseases is "cancer" but yet this is
also one of the easiest to heal. God "imaged" each and every one of
us in God's own image. God knows only perfection, so when God
imaged us the image of us was perfect. So all we have to do in
order to heal ourselves of absolute ANY disease is to realize that
perfection, in other words to impress upon our Subconscious Mind to
rebuild our body during the natural renewal process in that same
perfection. We do this by consciously creating new Thought Forms
which the Subconscious Mind will then use as its new blueprint.

In the case of cancer - if we impress our perfection in the image
of God upon our Subconscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind will
cut-off the blood, nerves and other processes that "feed the
cancer" and the cancer will wither and die - it must - by Principle
and the doctors will talk of "miracles".

Almost any cancer can be removed from the body in weeks or months
at the very most, because just as the cancer tissue developed very
quickly it can likewise wither and die very quickly, especially as
cancer tissue is relatively soft and relies on a constant supply of
nutrients from the blood and other processes to perpetuate.

There have been numerous cases in the past of people being born
with crippling deformities or other "disabilities" due to pre-natal
"damage", for example due to the mother smoking tobacco, or drinking
alcohol", or during the process of birth, but have grown up to be
"perfect" humans in every way, simply because they refused to
accept their lack of perfection, and imagined themselves only to be
mad in the perfect in the image of God.

Many well known people were weak, incapable or anemic as children,
Roosevelt for example, and yet grew up to be great men and women.

If you go to the doctors with an ailment to get some "medicine",
you are saying to your Subconscious Mind - "you take a rest - I
have more faith in this concoction of chemicals to do the work".
And the Subconscious Mind will duly oblige. And further - the more
you trust doctors and "medicines, the more the Subconscious Mind
will effectively say "fine - you get on with it then".

Consider then the Wisdom of Solomon

"Seek not death in the error of your life: and pull not upon
yourselves destruction with the works of your hands. For God made
not death: neither hath he pleasure in the destruction of the
living For he created all things, that they might have their being:
and the generations of the world were healthful; and there is no
poison of destruction in them, nor the kingdom of death upon the
earth: (For righteousness is immortal:) But ungodly men with their
works and words called it to them: for when they thought to have it
their friend, they consumed to thought, and made a covenant with it,
because they are worthy to take part with it.
--Book of Solomon 1:12-16

Here Solomon is saying that God did not create "death" or derives
pleasure from the destruction of the living - humans do all that
for themselves by the freewill and powers of creation conferred
upon us by our Prime Creator.

But "ungodly men" and of course women, failing to realize the
perfection of God within, have wrought disease, decay and death
upon themselves.

So if you want to know the true secret of maintaining perfect age
and health here it is:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he
him; male and female created he them -- Genesis 1:27

All any of us have to do therefore is to maintain that perfect
image that God holds for each and every one of us in order to
remain perpetually healthy, and of an ideal "appearance", always
keeping in Mind that "time" does not exist and therefore "age" does
not exist.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Just before sleep each night, take time to realize God within. Feel
the Energy and Unconditional Love of God flowing through you and
know that you are a Divine channel through which God expresses and

Maintain that feeling and knowing of God-Energy flowing through you
for a few minutes, and know that as a co-creator of the Universe,
you have unlimited powers of creation and feel the gratitude.

Next use every power of your imagination to "see" yourself in the
most perfect radiant health. Visualize yourself in glowing health,
and see and hear people commenting on how well you look, how
radiant you seem and how much Energy you have - and know it to be

Now feel how glowing with health you are. Feel the health radiating
through you and around you, knowing, beyond any doubt that your
body is perfect in every way, just as God "imaged" after God's own

As you drift of to sleep, hold this image in your Mind.

During the day, never allow an unhealthy thought to enter your
Mind. Never think of the inevitability of "aging".

If you do look in the mirror, only see an image of perfection
reflected back at you.

If you see unhealthy people around you, people who are coughing or
sneezing, or complaining about their health, simply reinforce the
truth of your own perfection in your Mind in the joyous knowledge
that it is true Now.

Act healthy, think healthy and Be healthy and you will be healthy.

If you see "anti-aging" products on TV, or in stores etc., know
that it is a part of another cabal designed to appeal the the Ego,
vanity, and fears about your appearance as you "age", and know,
beyond doubt that you can be as young and healthy as your think you are

Remember the Wisdom of Solomon:

"God made not death: neither hath he pleasure in the destruction of
the living For he created all things, that they might have their
being: and the generations of the world were healthful"

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