Spread your magic around....
This Universe is a shapeable Universe, it responds to our thoughts, imaginations and emotion. We, 'the subject,' are a powerful creative center, the mental energy that emanets from our thoughts and emotions creates the physical reality that we desire. We are the creator of our own reality..

We are the self expression of our subconscious mind. We are a cluster of energy, so is everything else. The energy cluster that is constantly in motion, moving and changing to form new configuration and intelligently maintaining its form. This is the consciosness that keeps the energy in that particular form.

Consciousness is the mind, the mind is reality, this mind is the creator. This Universe is the collective consciousness of its people. By learning how to guide and focus our thought patterns we all can become an effective co-creator and live successfully with the matter and events of our outer physical world. We all participate in creating the exterior world that we live and this is essential for our growth. The better our abilities at creating reality, the better we are at solving problems, creating abundance and able to live in perfect harmony with this Universe. There is nothing paranormal in this Universe except our limited understanding of the Universe around us...

Psycophysics views all matters including human body as a bio-electro magnectic that vibrates in waves with specific oscillation frequencies. Electro- myograth, a devise that measures electrical activities of muscles, was discovered by Dr. Hunt. The science of Kirlian Photography is designed to detect human body's electro-magnetic field also known as human Aura. This devise is able to detect minute electrical, magnetic and optical changes in an object's environment. The color of human aura enable scientist to analyse a person's current physical, mental and emotional health.

The cosmo has certain forms of wave energy and all living things have their own unique wave energy. When this wave rythm is damaged by various factors of environment, polutions, stress and worries, the cells of our body sends out signals called disease. Human brain emitts certain electro-magnetic impulse, the brain waves alfa, beta, theta and delta waves. Human brain has two main parts the pelio cortex, which controls vital body fuctions and the neo cortex, which control thinking and cognition.

Mind and body are two parts of our being, one physical the other non physical, and they are completely dependent on each other. All illness are psychosomatic because we are not just body but mind and body.

Hippocrates (father of the modern medicine) said that everyone is a doctor within. However, our bodys ability to fuction at its optimum has been suppressed by various environmental factors, pollution, strain and stress of everyday life. We are constantly being exposed to pollutants, virus and bacteria and electromagnetic radiation. While there are inumerable new disease on the rise today, and with all these modern medical marvels, yet the answer can be found within the subconcious self. Self healing begins when mind, body and spirit regains balance with each other. Healing is a process of bringing together all parts of our being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, in the symphony of life creating wholesome.

Human being has the natural abilities to heal itself. Good health is a state of mind, a state of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical balance. Human brain has the ability to manifest healing naturally. All we need to do is learn how to control our mind and unleash this ability that we were all born with. Overwhelming scientific evidence has proven it that human mind is the most potent tool in our quest for healing the body and soul.

Psychotherapy, a form of alternative practice that help eliminate traumatic experience, underlying causes of anxiety and fear from within deep subconscious. Reframing and affirmation is the methods of chanting our mind's perceptions into a perception that positively benifit the current reality. It allows one to overcome emotional blockages and hindering spirit and leads one toward the pathway of health and wellness...


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chakra Balancing excersice

1st chakra-root-garnet: survival, grounding, physical energy
affirmation:I allow myself to be physically safe and tranquil within my world
2nd chakra-lower abdomen-carnelian:emotions, sexual desire, pride
I allow my sensuality to flow and achieve my most ambitionus desires without sacrificing those I love and care for.
3rd chakra-solar plexus-citrine:personal power, self-confidence, strength
I free myself to the power of living my life to the fullest, feeling worthy of all that I receive.
4th chakra-heart-malachite-love, self-love, harmony , compassion
I feel harmonious and compassionate toward myself and all those around me.
I free myself to the power of living my life to the fullest, feeling worthy of all that I receive.
4th chakra-heart-malachite-love, self-love, harmony , compassion
I feel harmonious and compassionate toward myself and all those around me.
5th chakra-throat-lapis,communication, creativity, independence
I express myself freely and openly knowing that I am seen and heard just as I desire to be.
6th chakra-third eye-ameythst:intuitiion, spiritual guidance
I open myself to the inner vision which brings understanding of my spiritual truths.
7th chakra-crown-quartz crystal:pure spirit,divine light , universal connectedness...I allow myself to become one with the divine energy that connects us all to the highest Truth

Thursday, December 22, 2011

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You are an endless galaxies,and you'have seen but one star.....

Physical well being is not just a fantasy, it is a practicle and attainable possibility. Our body is a self sustaining electromagnetic batteries forever capable of recharging with energy, capable of continually regenerating and restoring the physical damage that it sustain during a life time.
Humanity, from time ememmorial, have subjected themselves as slaves to physical, mental and emotional tourment, which eventually condemn the body to dust. We become sick and eventually succumb to death before time and age because we believe we must.
If one can ignore these programmed urges to sickness and death, it is certain that one can go on living long healthy and fully functioning life just like nature intended it to be.
Quantum physics states that energy and matter are interchangeable and that differences in physical matter are simply variation in energy vibration. All living and non living objects in this Universe are connected to a quantum field of Universal energy and this fact is confirmed by the modern quantum scientific research. This Universal energy or 'Life Force Energy' continually flows through us. The dynamic exchange of energy that takes place between every molecule and atom in this Universe sustaining, nurturing, balancing and providing fuel for all life process.
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